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YSR Aluminum Extended  Swingarm


Available in: 1.5" over stock

Price: $370.00

Light weight and strong .  Made in the U.S.A.

Includes all hardware: Bearings,Spacer,Adjusters.

Shockmount is extended 1/4" for approx. 1/2" more ground clearance and better handling.

Custom lengths available. $420.00

Also available fully polished $60 extra


 Fiberglass/vinylester YSR Fuel Tank  


 Price: $400.00   Out of Stock

We have been selling these beautiful tanks for over 8 years. It is identical to the stock YSR tank except for one area. The bottom edge of our tank does not have that ugly weld crimp. It has a rounded smooth bottom edge. A 3/8" thick ring of billet aluminum is bonded into the top of the tank where the gas cap is attached. A 3/8" thick bar of billet aluminum is also bonded into the bottom of the tank where the peck cock valve is attached. The tanks are identical inside and out and holds the same amount of fuel. The tank mounts just like the stock one. No modifications neccesary.Custom tanks avail as a special order.  Made in the U.S.A.


New YSR50 Fully Adjustable clip on bar sets


These are a brand new design.  Machined out of billet aluminum.  Both bars and brackets are anodised in a clear aluminum finish.  The bars are 7/8" in diameter and 11" long, and .125" thick wall for strength.  There is a hard plastic bar end cap included.  These clip ons are fully adjustable.  They weigh less than 1/2 of stock bars.  Made in Japan.

Price: $120.00         Sale Price $99.99



New YSR50 Fully Adjustable Rear Set Peg Assemblies including brake lever and shifter lever



Price: $350.00

These aluminum rear sets are CNC machine from billet aluminum. The have multiple positions. They come with the foot brake lever and shifter lever which pivot on sealed bearings for optimum performance. The pegs are knarled for maximum grip. Both foot levers also have adjustments for perfect fit.  Made in Japan


Steel Braided front brake line

These steel braidied brake lines have a clear plastic coating.  The ends have the correct angle like stock lines.  Made in Japan.  These lines will not expand as do the stock brake lines,  which cause brake fade.   With these lines, you feel instant pressure.  A must for all YSR50s.

Price: $39.00


YSR50 aftermarket Petcock valve (fuel on/off assembly)

Aftermarket petcock valve works the same as the OEM Petcock valve, at a fraction of the price.

sale price $29.99


YSR50 OEM Style 6V signal lights

Aftermarket YSR50 6V signal lights. Sold in pairs. Save $$$$$$$$$

Sale price $49.99 pair


YSR50 mini 6V signal lights

Aftermarket YSR50 mini 6V signal lights. Sold in pairs.

Sale price $33.99 pair


YSR gas cap with two keys  (aftermarket)


  These caps are beautiful. They are a direct replacement to the OEM cap. They look and function identical as the OEM caps. They are priced  more than 50% less than factory caps. Includes 2 keys SAVE $$$$$$$

Price: $89.99    Sale Price $69.99


YSR main ignition switch with two keys  (aftermarket)


 Looks, functions and mounts identical to the factory OEM ignition switch for less than 1/2 the cost. These are a direct replacement to the OEM main ignition. They have a metal cylinder with OEM style plug. Includes 2 keys.  SAVE $$$$$

Price: $99.99    Sale Price $79.99




These aluminum wheels were machined out of a billet block of aluminum.  They were not spun and welded together like those other aftermarket YSR50 rims whichn are no longer in production.  These are still lighter than stock wheels and look great. They come in two sizes..... 12" x 3" , or 12" x 2.5".  The stock wheels measure 12" x 2.5".

Price: $599.99  set    Sale Price $559.99


DUNLOPE Race tires for the YSR  (set)

Manufacturer: DUNLOP
Position: REAR/FRONT   Size: 120/80-12 , Size: 100/90-12
Style: TT93


  • Dunlop's mini motard/motorcycle racing tire
  • Superior in design, it replaces the TT90 line of Dunlop tires
  • Offers better wet and dry grip, with more rider confidence
  • Excellent durability for long-lasting wear
  • Tubeless tire design
  • Price: $269.99 set      Sale $249.99 set


    We are currently working on adding some additional custom accesories for the YSR to our store. Below are some photos of those items which may be available in the near future...........


     Five spoke aluminum wheels kit with sprocket and brake rotors......$699.


     NSF150R body kit 

    Upper, Lower, Tail, Fender, clear windscreen..... $650 

    Same as above with custom paint job.......$850