MiniMoto Madness, Your one stop pocketbike headquarters, carrying a large line of both bikes and parts. Serving the pocketbike enthusiast since 1989. We sell both new and used pocketbikes. We also sell parts for and repair/service many pocketbike brands. (Blata, Polini, GRC, Dandy, Jaxson, Shinwa, Bullet, Eagle, Vittorazi and many more.)
MiniMoto Madness has been in business for over 21 years and has a reputation for building quality bikes and service.  We warranty both our new and used bikes. We carry a large inventory of parts for almost every pocketbike made. "YES", even that old obsolete Jaxson that hasn't run in over 25 years!
We will match any advertised retail price. (Must be the exact same bike, color and warranty.)

What is a pocketbike you ask??? High performance, miniture roadracing style motorcycles intended for both kids and adults. Each bike weighs approxiamately 40 lbs. and can carry a rider weighing as much as 240 lbs. Pocketbikes are designed for closed coarse use only. They are NOT for street use, nor legal to be ridden on any public roadway/highway.

How fast/slow are pocketbikes??? Depending on the model. Some are designed for racing. These can reach a top speed of approxiamately 65 MPH. Others are designed more for recreation and reach a top speed of approxiamately 35 MPH. These can be restricted down to approxiamately 5 MPH for the young/inexperienced riders.

In the beginning... Pocketbikes were first introduced to the United States in the early 1970's with the arrival of the Dandy pocketbike. It was imported from Japan by the Kendee Corporation and the sport of mini moto racing caught on like a wildfire. Other pocketbike manufacturers from Japan, Italy and Europe soon joined the scene. The early bikes were powered by a (Robin or Roland) 2-Stroke engine with either a 34.4cc or 40.2cc displacement. These engines were originally being used on weed eaters and leaf blowers. These engines put out 2.0 horsepower and with the addition of an expansion chamber (tuned exhaust pipe), the bikes would put out a whopping 3.0 horsepower! The frames were made of steel tubing, 4 inch aluminum rims, pnumatic tires, rear cable operated disc brake and a 3 piece fiberglass body. The seat height would measure no more than 14 inches off the ground.

The present... Over the years, these pocketbikes have evolved into the state-of-the-art mini roadracing machines, with high output motors, 6.5 HP-14HP (water or air cooled), aluminum frames, 6" aluminum wheels, low profile racing slicks, dual full-floating front disc brakes. With proper gearing, todays pocketbikes are capable of reaching speeds over 60 MPH!

There are many brands and models to choose from and MiniMoto Madness has one to suit any member of the family.